Final Process

The process for creating my final. Hour 1: The first hour was dedicated to finding my source material. I used the website to find interesting public domain comic pages.  Under the “leading ladies” category I searched through numerous comics for scenes that caught my eye or were visually interesting. I pulled out 16 potential […]

Yasunao Tone

I was able to find his Solo for Wounded CD and listened through the work. I had read a little about he work prior and knew to expect noise music but I was not fully aware of how that would translate. There were portions of the piece that I found intriguing and others that were more […]

Evan Roth

When you first enter Evan Roth’s website it first shows up with the video piece Dances for Mobile Phones. The piece was a blank screen of a cell phone that Roth repeatedly tapped on and made motions on as if the screen was lit and running. Each tap of his finger corresponded with the same fritzing […]

Jeremy Blake

It is easy to find out about Jeremy Blake’s life, and most especially his death. However finding his work outside of still images is a more difficult task.   I looked at Century 21. I have to say I am not sure if I really understand it. Maybe because I read into Blake’s life before […]

Takeshi Murata

Murata’s pigment print series was interesting because some of the series seemed to be rather simple pieces that made logical sense. However other pieces could be equally illogical or strange, all within the same series. I liked this 2012 work titled Condos because although it seems to a be an elaborate, but otherwise normal, cat […]

Jodie Mack

Jodie Mack is a video artist who works with abstraction of shapes and patterns most frequently. Her piece Two Hundred Feet was a work I particularly was interested in, and really enjoyed. I found the fast past and the solid shapes versus the more fluid liquidy shapes at the very beginning of the work. There […]