Christian Marclay

      Christian Marclay uses a variety materials and mediums in his art works. The Sploosh series was interesting with the way Marclay combined different aspects of sound in manga and transitioned it to art. However what was even more fascinating was the Manga Scroll. Manga Scroll is a sixty-foot hand scroll that is comprised only from […]

Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangel has a body of work that seems to always be in the continual process of change. Arcangel’s portfolio shows experimentation with and a mastery of many different mediums. From drawing to code to performance, there was an overwhelming variety of work I found when I explored Arcangel’s professional site.   One of the […]

Rashaad Newsome

Rashaad Newsome’s art often has strong connections and is heavily influenced by rap and its culture. In his piece The Tournament done in 2011 this is abundantly clear as the piece includes pairs rapping and then being judged by a panel. Making a mix of the opulent thrones the judges sit on and Newsome’s attire in […]

Matt Siber

The first thing I encountered when I found Matt Siber’s art was his series on floating logos. I found this collection particularly interesting and it is probably my favorite out of the works I explored of Siber’s. There is something sort of eerie and entirely intriguing about a sign floating completely unsuspended in the sky. […]

Nam June Paik

When we discussed Nam June Paik in class we specifically mentioned the Electronic Superhighway. At the time I thought it seemed familiar but firgured it was nothing.  When I began to do my research of course Electronic Superhighway was the first piece to pop up. And I immediately recognized it! It is currently on view at the […]