Jason Salavon

Jason Salavon has a variety of different series or styles he has worked on, however I personally enjoyed his amalgamations the most. What Salavon does is overlap images so that they create either a cohesive image or an abstraction. In The Class of 1988 & The Class of 1967 for instance, Salavon takes all the graduates […]

Jenny Holzer

So far this semester I have said I liked basically everything we have looked at, or at least appreciated it. However so far Jenny Holzer is my favorite. It is interesting how Holzer’s early work on the projections series was rather simple and it had short phrases. As her work developed it got more complex and […]

Kelli Connell

It is incredibly interesting how Connell’s two selves interact with one another. The way each version of her self is clearly different and shaped as separate individuals is captivating to look at. Connell’s photographs made me stare at them and really try to analyze the differences between the two characters she creates of herself. However […]