Takeshi Murata

Murata’s pigment print series was interesting because some of the series seemed to be rather simple pieces that made logical sense. However other pieces could be equally illogical or strange, all within the same series. I liked this 2012 work titled Condos because although it seems to a be an elaborate, but otherwise normal, cat structure scene it has an odd sword in the corner of the work. I admire the lighting of the window on the cat structure¬†as well, it adds more to depth to the work.


Murata’s video art piece Street Trash was one that I found to be perplexing. A variety of still objects including some shapes, a statue of a boy, and smaller items rotate in a circle. If you stare too long at the statue of the boy rotating it almost seems as if he is rotating at a slightly different pace or that he is at least not fully following the rotation pattern. Seeing this made the piece for me go from interesting to a little uncomfortable as my eyes tried to separate the movement of the two and decide fully if all the objects were rotating at the same speed.

Melter 2 was another piece that I found intriguing. There were portions of it that I really enjoyed visually. However there were also points where my eyes had trouble following all the actions of the colors, or deciding which color to focus on. I also found that the sounds playing in the background could be a bit accosting at some points, though I do not see that as a negative point.

I can not say whether I am really enjoy Murata’s work or not. I definitely¬†like some of his work, however on the whole I had mixed feelings.