Evan Roth

When you first enter Evan Roth’s website it first shows up with the video piece Dances for Mobile Phones. The piece was a blank screen of a cell phone that Roth repeatedly tapped on and made motions on as if the screen was lit and running. Each tap of his finger corresponded with the same fritzing sound. A low pixelated sound hummed throughout the whole 11 minute piece. I actually enjoyed this work a great deal more then I expected when I began watching him clicking the screen.


It is also hard not to admire Roth’s Bad Ass Mother Fucker piece. Changing the internet so that people can both find you and also to be generally awesome is commendable. In general it is an incredibly interesting concept.

Roth’s No Original Research pieces are particularly interesting visually. However they could be a tad disorienting. In the light yellow piece I did not understand the chirping birds that went along with it. To me it felt a little out of place but I do not know what I would have thought would have fit better.