Yasunao Tone

I was able to find his Solo for Wounded CD and listened through the work. I had read a little about he work prior and knew to expect noise music but I was not fully aware of how that would translate. There were portions of the piece that I found intriguing¬†and others that were more unpleasant,¬†especially the way some of the fractured computer signals reminded me a mosquito like sounds. I admired the way that Yasunao Tone went about creating the dysfunctional element that still seems cohesive. The act of damaging CD’s to create the music was an incredibly interesting way to produce the sounds that he did.

I was able to find a fair amount of articles and interviews about Yasunao however many of the links they provided no longer worked and it was a little more difficult to find his work. I was less interested in some of his work then prior artists we’ve looked at.